Who can sell with thirty9?

Anyone who has photography selections that are of professional quality, fall into at least one of the categories below, and meet our submission file specs, may submit images for review. thirty9 will review all images submitted and contact photographers within 10 business days to notify them regarding image selection.

What kind of images are you looking for?

The style and subjects of images we are seeking will shift and evolve as our portfolio expands. Currently we are looking for images in the categories below, however do not hesitate to submit images that are highly unique in your specialized area, even if it is not identified here:

  • Architecture

  • Abstract

  • Animals - especially unique perspectives; we don’t currently have any images of domestic pets or farm animals

  • Travel - especially of and around popular landmarks

  • Human Element - not simply with people "in the shot" per se, but more of the human condition or storytelling backdrops

  • Urban

  • Conceptual

  • Interior objects shot in abstract or unique ways

  • Any interesting or unique subjects and/or perspectives

Are there any upfront costs to the photographer?

None whatsoever. Photographers never pay thirty9 for anything, and all production and customer shipping costs are covered by thirty9. Your investment is simply the time upfront in sending us your images, then submitting additional requested materials for any images that are selected. (See “What will you need from me besides my images?” below.)

How is thirty9 managing licensing and property rights?

During the time period that thirty9 is selling a photographer's images, thirty9 will have an irrevocable non-exclusive right to use each design submitted by photographers, for the purpose of use and distribution by thirty9. This includes worldwide non-exclusive rights in all categories of a design for all products, including derivative rights. Photographers will retain all copyright and other proprietary rights relating to each image they submit to thirty9.  More detail about licensing can be found in the artist contract, which will be given to photographers who are selected by thirty9. Click here for additional information.

How do I submit my work?

Submit images for review via the Submit Your Work tab. Once you click Submit, you will receive a link that takes you to an image upload website. Uploaded images will automatically be sent to thirty9.

How many images can I submit for review?

Please limit the number of images to no more than 75. Additionally, only submit images intended for final review and selection, as opposed to a batch of your photography files that contain multiple angels or slight variations of the same shot.

What are the file requirements?

Our goal is to be able to print your images at a minimum size of 24x36, with 30x40 being ideal, while maintaining 300DPI. Additionally, in order to simplify ordering for our customers, thirty9 has narrowed down aspect ratios to these options: full format landscape 3:2, full format portrait 2:3, square format 1:1, landscape pano 2:1, and portrait pano 1:2. Images not submitted in one of these aspect ratios will be cropped to best fit by one of our lab professionals, while maintaining integrity of the image, and with your approval as the photographer.

We do plan to add a 4 x 5 format, however the timing for that is still to be determined.

Should I submit low-res or full-size large files?

Either will work. Low-res files are often able to move through the system a bit more quickly simply because they do not take as long to upload and move into and through our review pipeline. However if you submit your large, hi-res files, then we will already have them in our system for any images selected. Current photographers have done both.

When will I hear back from thirty9 regarding images I submitted for review?

Every photographer who submits work will receive an email response within 10 business days, not counting holidays. If you are selected to work with thirty9, a representative will be in touch to outline next steps.

Are there any restrictions on what can be sold?

Each design submitted for review must be an original work and not derived from other illustrations, photographs, scans, clipart, or any other work of art that is not the intellectual property of the photographer.

If my photographs are selected, how much commission will I be paid and how often?

Photographers will be paid 50% of the revenue generated by each sale of each photography print. The production costs will be covered by thirty9, so this is a very competitive compensation package. Commission payments will be paid monthly for all sales made during the previous calendar month, minus any returns. (See below for information regarding returns.) Payments will be made to artists by the 10th of each month via direct deposit into your bank account. It is not an option for us to pay photographers via PayPal or other payment platforms.

If my photographs are selected, what will you need from me besides my images?

Following image selection, photographers will be given next-step instructions and asked to provide:

  • A professional headshot, hip-up shot, and behind-the-scenes photos of yourself working in the field

  • A completed questionnaire so that we can get to know you and effectively market you and your photography

  • Image names and brief background information on each photograph selected

  • Completed W9, signed artist contract, and a completed banking form to receive payment compensation

Not all photographs look good on all substrates - how is that addressed with thirty9?

Print tests are conducted on any image for which certain substrates might not show it most favorably. Because quality photography and customer satisfaction is first and foremost for thirty9, any substrate that fails the print test will not be available as an option for customers when ordering the image. The same is true for print sizes offered. (Details about substrates offered can be found on the Home tab; scroll to the bottom.)

What about frames and other add-ons purchased with the prints?

thirty9 will retain all revenue generated by frames and print add-ons, however photographers will be paid 50% of sales on alternative substrates, including wood, canvas, metal, and acrylic.

How are returns handled?

thirty9 offers a free 30-day return policy for anyone who is not satisfied with their purchase for any reason. If a product is returned after a commission payment is paid to the photographer, thirty9 will debit future commission payments by the amount that was already paid to the photographer on the returned product.

How are promotions handled?

Sales promotions on thirty9 will be rare, but when they are offered, photographers will still be paid a 50% commission of the revenue generated by promotional sales.

How long will thirty9 sell selected pieces of photography?

thirty9 will routinely analyze sales data to determine if and when images should be retired.